Born from a love story between a gaspesian girl and a paraguayan boy, a most unusual encounter, Cami grew up in the Gaspe peninsula’s salty waters and deep woods, with clothes full of mud and hair full of tangles.


After travelling across the country and down the coast making their way with the help of street performance — juggling with one foot on a basketball and a pop bottle on their head—

Cami was lured back to Montreal and completed 2 years at the Verdun Circus School in 2014. In 2016, the Quebec Circus school welcomes Cami until their graduation in june 2019.


Being surrounded by many creative people in different fields, Cami puts strong emphasis on  creativity, and research. Pulling aspects from dance, visual art and musical composition, Cami has a clear focus on the aesthetic of their work. As a multidisciplinary artist with juggling as a primary discipline, Cami also trains in acrobatic bike, and as a hand to hand base.